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“Thank you Samar and the WDC team for a brilliant, informative, interactive program and for the excellent port folio of WDC support materials.”

“It isn’t a short term thing but a life time philosophy we are trying to get across. It is always pleasing to get the positive comments and see the joy on people’s faces as they see improvement and get encouragement.”

“Thank you for saving our lives.”

a model of fat Caution: Hazardous Waist
The "Waste" in the "Waist"

The 'Waist' Disposal Challenge

The 'Waist' Disposal Challenge is an innovative health intervention at the community level to bring about a reduction in:

  • the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a primary outcome, and
  • other risk factors contributing to type 2 diabetes and other chronic lifestyle conditions.

This project is about weight loss, choosing healthy foods and taking up regular exercise that will help in preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

A healthy weight also helps reduce the risk of cancer.

Lloyd showing off his abs

Currently this peer support based program is being implemented in Rotary clubs in Western Australia within the framework of a friendly and fun competition.

The Rotary Club with the highest reduction in club BMI within twelve months is awarded the "'Waist' Disposal Trophy" to commend their efforts in “keeping men off the endangered species list”.