“We also need to congratulate you and Samar, and all the others involved in the project.  You delivered a well prepared, informative and achievable program.  We hope we can rub this off to fellow Rotarians. My hope is that we can eventually roll this out to our community.”

“Thanks for a great day and the professionalism of the team that has put this together in layman terms so that everyone can follow and put into practice. I believe that we can make this work with participation in one way or another of 100% of the club people.”

“On a personal level I am pleased to advise I have personally already lost two kilos and changed some aspects of my living style to remove visceral fat permanently... an interesting journey. Thank you all for the opportunities to live better / hopefully longer...”

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to act as Champion of the WDC in our club and I felt a sense of responsibility to convey the message of a healthy lifestyle and an awareness of how that can be achieved.”

“As excess weight is such a problem for our country in the increasing health budget and chronic diseases I’m pleased to be involved. I’m sure this needs to be an ongoing project and some facts to continue to motivate Rotarians to act positively is important.”


Photos of the 'Waist' Disposal Challenge

2011/12 Winners

Photo from District 9465 Conference on 24th March 2012

Professor Samar Aoun presenting the Rotary Club of Rockingham with the ‘Waist' Disposal Trophy for being the top club for 2011/2012.
2011/2012 Top Club: Rotary Club of Rockingham

2010/11 Winners

Photos from the Joint District 9455 and 9465 Conference on 27th March 2011

Professor Samar Aoun presenting the Rotary Club of Manjimup with the ‘Waist' Disposal Trophy for being the top club for 2010/2011.
2010/2011 Top Club: Rotary Club of Manjimup
Professor Samar Aoun presenting the 
top 4 clubs with the ‘Waist' Disposal Trophy for being the top club for 2010/2011.
Rotary Clubs of Manjimup, Mt Lawley, Dalkeith and South Bunbury collecting awards for being the top 4 clubs in the competition
Rotarians showing their salads.
Being 'Waist' concious at the conference
Rotarians dropping by the booth.
Curious visitors at the WDC booth
Professor Samar Aoun and Colin Arthur.
Professor Samar Aoun and Champion, Colin Arthur from the Rotary Club of West Perth
Visitors to the WDC booth.
Getting some inspiration at the WDC booth
WDC booth.
PDG Sue Rowell acting with Rotary to help save the human whale
WDC Booth with Linda.
Project Officer Linda Le giving health education at the booth

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2009/10 Winners

Ben Andrew from Rotary Club of South Bunbury lost 65 kg in 18 months (Sep 2009 - Feb 2010)

Ben Andrews in September 2009

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Photos from the District 9460 Conference on 21st March 2010

Professor Samar Aoun presenting Wendy Cooper from the Rotary Club of Kwinana with the ‘Champion Perseverance Award’.
Champion Perseverance Award: Kwinana
Ben Andrew from the Rotary Club of South Bunbury was presented with ‘The Star Loser Award’ by Professor Samar Aoun. South Bunbury was the Runner-Up Club for District 9460 in the 2010 February Leaderboard, and Club President Sandro Agrizzi received the award.
Runner-up Club & Star Loser: South Bunbury
Professor Samar Aoun presented the Rotary Club of Kojonup with the ‘Top Club Award’ for being the leading club in the 2010 February Leaderboard for District 9460.
Top Club for District 9460: South Bunbury

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Champion Training

Photos from the 5 Champion Training sessions held in 2009. Click on a photo to see the full version of it.

13 October 2009 Champion Training Day
13 October 2009
17 October 2009 Champion Training Day
17 October 2009
26 October 2009 Champion Training Day
26 October 2009
31 October 2009 Champion Training Day
31 October 2009
14 November 2009 Champion Training Day
14 November 2009

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Rotary International

International interest from the Rotary Convention in Birmingham, June 2009.

Interest from the UK
Interest from Nigeria

Pilot Study Winners

At the Annual Rotary District 9460 Conference in Bunbury, 2008

Winning Club - Mandurah
Winning Club Mandurah - Champion Rhonda
Runner up Club - Harvey
Runner up Club Harvey - Champion Libby

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