The Industry 'Waist' Disposal Project

The project explores the health of men working in the forestry industry and aims to motivate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle which will reduce their risk of developing a chronic disease.

Chronic disease is now recognised as a global epidemic and research has shown men in workplaces are at a high risk. Many chronic diseases are lifestyle related illnesses that are largely preventable.

The project will implement a self management program that will aim to promote healthy lifestyles by teaching skills relating to healthy diet and exercise. It is hoped that the program will motivate men to adopt healthy lifestyles which will ultimately reduce their chance of developing chronic diseases.

The program has already been successfully implemented in Rotary Clubs in Western Australia and this project will test to see whether it can be successful in men at risk in rural work sites.

Previous studies indicate that men working in forestry industries are at risk of developing chronic disease and early intervention designed to motivate men to adopt a healthier lifestyle should be a key priority to reduce the escalation of chronic disease in the future.

Project Phases

The project is designed to be delivered in three phases with a fourth phase to evaluate the program.

  1. Phase 1: education to raise awareness through presentations at work
  2. Phase 2: Monthly Body Mass Index (BMI) competition at work, with measurements taken by a volunteer at work
  3. Phase 3: Lifestyle coaching service to help people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, conducted after-hours depending on participant needs

Project Location

The project is being run with organizations working in the Forestry Industry in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.

The Great Southern region of Western Australia

Department of Local Government (2009). Regional Maps available from

For More Information

If you have any questions relating to the Industry 'Waist' Disposal Project please contact Kristi Holloway on 0408 094 674 or

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